Rolf almost arrested…

…for industrial espionage.

Rolf Espionage modified

Watch out Rolf, Security is watching you!

Sorry, couldn’t help myself to exaggerate this one šŸ˜‰ The situation just called for it, lol šŸ˜‰ …

We are in Fremont and yes, we did walk to the Tesla Racetrack. And yes, Rolf did shoot some videos of the Model X and S that were driving around. At the same time, I was walking Kye. Just beforeĀ Rolf caught up with me, a security car stopped next to him and the guard friendly asked Rolf to delete his footage. Of course, RolfĀ obliged, they had a little chat and Rolf handed over one of our TeslaXCanada business cards. All in all, we might have found another Blog follower this way. A little unconventional, but hey, a more interesting approach, too.

By the way, we’re back in warmer weather, have seen some flowers, have smelled some fresh soil. Oh man, did I miss that! So did Kye, obviously: He’ll probably throw up later after all the grass he’s eaten…

Kye the cow modified

Ah, Kye, who’s going to clean up the mess?!? šŸ˜‰

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