TeslaXCanada now on YouTube

Hubby Rolf has been working hard on the 100 seconds videos that cover our first two days – every night after being on the road all day. We’re still both so new to everything. Rolf is learning FinalCutPro by doing. He’s never used the software before. I haven’t even had an Instagram or Twitter account two months ago and only started Facebook last summer to follow the dog walker group of the Victoria Humane Society. Wordpress still has surprises left for me, too. If it wasn’t for our helpers (Thanks so much Jim, James, Ryan, Donna, Lynda and Petra! And thanks to everybody for sharing!!!) we would be even more lost. Looks like we could do with a whole group of helpers. We could use writers, editors, photographers, videographers, photo and video editors, cartoonists (wouldn’t that be something!) researchers, public relations and social media specialists, event managers, and I’m pretty sure that list isn’t even complete!
Well, that’s what this “practice run” Victoria to Florida (& back in April) is all about, so that we will hopefully have it all (lol! :-)…) figured out for the “real thing”, our Cross Canada trip this summer, Victoria BC to St. John’s NL, in an electric car (with no superchargers between Red Deer AB and the Great Lakes, and none to the East of the Great Lakes!).

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7 thoughts on “TeslaXCanada now on YouTube

    • Thanks, Lynda, more to come. Yesterday and today was gorgeous along the coast, Carmel-by-the-Sea to Santa Barbara and even further. Videos will be up shortly. Only the weather could be better…Ah well… (as Doreen would say! ;-)…)


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