Electric Car Enthusiast’s Heaven

We are in Silicon Valley, CA. What an inspiring place this is. It’s like being in the future, seeing how it will hopefully be like everywhere else soon. There are tons of #ElectricCars driving around, all makes, including buses! There are tons of #ElectricChargers. We saw #SolarPanels used to shade car parking. We even saw a solar panel-powered #EVCharger.

But let’s start this morning: Rolf, our friend Bert and I went on a #TeslaFactory Tour. I would call our tour guide “Amazing Adam”, he was full of enthusiasm and created for us a tour that could easily compete with the best Disneyworld tour, it was that entertaining! And extremely interesting! Adam has seen the company grow form 400 people 7 years ago to over 14,000 now! I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be part of that.

On the tour, one #TeslaMoment was chasing the next. What a place, but of course, we are not allowed to write about it, let alone show pictures (none taken anyway…). BUT, there is a – rather old – #NationalGeographic episode on YouTube, that I recommend. When I watched it, I wasn’t into cars (yet), but even then that documentary on the Tesla megafactory was simply fascinating!

After the tour, Rolf got his special wish granted: Not only one, but two Tesla #ModelX showed up to charge in front of the factory. Not only that, but both were #SignatureRed and one looked exactly like the ModelX we are getting delivered some time in April. It’s the ModelX we will drive XCanada in the summer. You can imagine, lots of chatting between #TeslaEnthusiasts going on!

Later today, we drove to #Google Headquarters. That’s where I got a glimpse at the future the way I hope it will be. As I said above, Electric & Solar everywhere, part of the daily life like an #AppleApp or #GoogleMaps. It’s hard to imagine that even in this country, there is still so much resistance to the #ElectricRevolution. It’s here, it’s doable, it’s the right thing and yes, it feels awesome to be part of it. I’d like to end this post with #Teslas mission, which is: “To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable transportation”. Thank you, #ElonMusk, for showing us the way.


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