Sedona to Santa Rosa Video

Travel with us from Sedona to Santa Rosa AZ and

  • watch Alberta-born Kye’s reaction to snow
  • join our (drone’s) flight over the Meteor Crater East of Flagstaff, AZ
  • find out who Rolf thinks of when eating burgers
  • learn about today’s youth’s aspirations when we meet a fellow Tesla Family
  • see an “interesting” highway intersection design – nothing like Germany!
  • subscribe to our YouTube channel (hehe, I hope I caught you on this one… ;-)…)

Special thanks to Ann, Dave and Forest from Colorado!

5 thoughts on “Sedona to Santa Rosa Video

  1. Fantastic video … Again !!

    Loved Kye in the snow …

    Loved the drone video …

    Was very afraid Silke was not going to return to pick up Rolf when he was
    recording her drive away !! ( One of us said she would, but not sayin’ which one of us was betting against her returning) Ha Ha

    And loved the blue skies of Arizona and New Mexico …

    We had big smiles on our faces for the entire show …. Thank you for that !!

    Take care …. Trent and Teresa


  2. Great video. Yeah – Kye in the snow is giving you that special dog message, ‘Hey! Don’t you humans know snow is so much more fun than cars??’
    But dogs are so good they won’t complain riding along with those poor humans in cars.


    • Now, Garth, you forgot Kye’s been riding in an electric car…if he isn’t enjoying that, I should pay more attention to who is giving him treats…maybe he got secretly converted to the dark side 😉
      But you know what, maybe you’re right, maybe it’s just that: Pure, clean, beautiful nature is better than anything – even riding in an electric car…


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