Sedona AZ

Enjoy Sedona with us and

  • get to know a place of serenity and peace
  • discover what Germans are doing in the desert
  • find out why, how and what our drone was named
  • experience the stunning Sedona scenery

***updated version***now with Suvereno’s Tesla song***


13 thoughts on “Sedona AZ

    • We would go with you any time. Let’s do a road trip to Sedona together! Unfortunately, it will have to wait until after April 2017, with everything we have planned…But, keep us in mind! 😉


  1. Your videos are becoming addicting !! It’s a highlight of the day!! Next to our morning coffee of course … ha ha.

    We were in Sedona about two years ago and loved it. Did you get a chance to go to the Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts village. Really neat shops with cobblestone streets.

    We too visited the Chapel in the Rock, where I may or may not have asked for a Tesla!!

    If you guys go back in 2017, do you suppose Kye would share the back seat with us???

    Take care … Trent and Teresa

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      • Sorry to correct you Silke, but even better, the middle row captains chairs would be reserved for Trent and Teresa. Kye is riding on the folded-down third row seats, sharing the space with one third of our luggage. One third in the frunk, another one third in ‘the basement’ below the trunk space.


  2. Your videos are getting better and better! And so are your drone flights. I’m so glad you could deal with that suicidal little bugger… ! Want to see more! 🙂

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  3. I’m really enjoying how different your video posts are and that they’re not just about the car but all the experiences it can carry you to. The drone shots are beautiful. And Rolf, in the film business, spending a few hours to get a couple of great minutes is considered normal.


    • Thanks Jim. I knew that some of the film making is like that. We had tremendous fun doing the shots, even though at times the drone had a mind of itself (damn AI-or is it?). Naaahhh – came down to operator errors. But that’s what the deserts are good for. Flight experiment with endangering anybody. 🙂


  4. Great video, you guys are doing such a fantastic job putting it all together for all of us to enjoy. Sedona looks amazing, hope to get there one day. Loved the scenery shots with the drone!
    Love Donna and Darcy


  5. Ha! I caught the quick shot of the “Gallery Tesla” in Sedona. When we were there in 2014 it said “Gallery Tesla – coming soon!!” and that had me scurrying to the web on a Sunday to figure out if that was a … planned you-know-what store. But no, nothing to do with our favourite energy company.

    Great name for the drone! Fabulous shots. All the required editing keeps Rolf from getting in trouble I would imagine.

    Enjoy your boating, stay safe!


    • You can imagine that we had to go in there and ask what it was all about! Well, the Gallery Tesla Sedona, which also sells art, offers personal live demonstration of the Tesla Energy Lights. “Tesla Energy Lights™ is a personal energy fueling system designed to donate electrons, recharge and permeate one’s subtle energy bodies with compatible high frequency subtle energies.” Read more at Tesla Energy Lights if you like ;-)…

      We rather go for the tangible version of Tesla… 😉


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