We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for!

In our YouTube video “Fremont to Paso Robles”, you saw us getting all excited about something: Suvereno letting us know via FB message that he will upload the instrumental version of his Tesla song on his YouTube Channel Horovooko. And today, we got it!

Suvereno’s Tesla song is an upbeat song with a serious message in Suvereno’s ‘Conscious Hip Hop’ style. Since he’s from Slovakia and the song’s lyrics are in Slovak, the music video has English subtitles. But once you red the subtitles, it doesn’t matter any more in which language he’s singing, you know what he’s saying and that’s all that’s needed. My most favourite part of the lyrics is

“We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for!” That.Stuck.With.Me!

That is so true. It’s us, not the others, that have to change things. And, in accordance with Elon Musk, we have the power to make the change.

Suvereno’s Tesla song can be purchased from iTunes. He’s also present on Facebook.

Here’s his video with English subtitles. Great song, great lyrics, great video!

Thank you, Lukas!

And for all the poor Germans that suffer under the tyranny of GEMA, follow this link to enjoy the music video, you’ll find the English subtitles below…

“Let’s welcome the new era of evolution, in which the old system is so helplessly limping, and the cars have been waiting for the day of revolution. Let’s give the combustion engine a warm hug, let’s tell it goodbye, it’s an obsolete propulsion. Who is keeping it alive when there are other ways now? The main reason is the oil lobby pulling the strings. They want to steal through high-priced oil and fill their pockets. Enough of the dirt, noise and smell, pride of the tycoons comes before their fall. It’s about time that the world should know the truth and overthrow the dominance of those greedy villains. It’s about this: to have the courage to take new steps, then we may be brave enough to face our descendants. That we don’t have to go down in history as the generation that shit in their pants. Eco instead of Ego, throw away the hell, ’cause heaven is waiting for us here and that heaven lies in the consciousness that Earth is a beautiful place. It’s us who creates a place for light. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, we are the ones that have been blundering in the dark. That’s necessary to understand so we can rise to be more responsible. So that there’s no reason to constantly make excuses, that we’re in deep shit from which there is absolutely no return. So let’s join forces while we are still alive – enough of competition, cooperation is more beneficial, understood?! Credit and honour to the name of Nikola Tesla, the great genius, who lived by the code to make energy free for mankind. I’m bowing to his lifetime achievements with respect. Do you want to see the change? Start to live it! Start living like it! Like the world should be. It’s so easy and yet so difficult. But successful are only the bold ones.

T E S L A – Bright future is on the way. T E S L A – If you want to change this day and start to celebrate!”


8 thoughts on “We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for!

  1. Very inspiring video with well thought out lyrics!!

    I caught myself pumping my fist in the air singing ” T-E-S-L-A” until I nearly spilled my glass of red wine …. LOL.

    How true. If something NEEDS to change, it starts with us!!

    Take care, Trent and Teresa


    • For your information, Trent and Teresa, you’re in the lead in our secret “get a free Tesla Model X ride through enthusiastic Blog posts” competition…” 😉


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