GasPrice down = ElectricCar sales down?

Gas prices have dropped below $1.00 per litre across Greater Victoria, but industry experts doubt that will curb the growing movement of people making the switch to electric cars”

… Fred Wissemann, president of the Victoria EV Club, says the club’s membership has exploded in popularity. …

CheckNews Interview

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… And while Fred Wissemann said most electric vehicle drivers make the switch for the environment, the monthly savings are significant — with the average driver paying about $15 dollars per month in electricity and maintenance costs. … [my comment: and that’s all! Substantially less than what you would pay for gas and the maintenance of a regular car!]

Watch the complete Interview by April Laurence for, Jan 21, 2016

1 thought on “GasPrice down = ElectricCar sales down?

  1. We saw significant cost savings last year. Even when you factor in cheaper gas, an electric car simply costs less to propel. And is much more efficient.

    tesla012 – Tesla and free electrons from the grid 2015 review


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