Switching to an Electric Car is like…

…quitting smoking…! True or false?

During our travels, my dog Kye and I sometimes get lucky, and sometimes we don’t. Depending on the location of the hotel, we can either find nice walks around fields or forests, or we have to stick to walking along a major road. Our stay in Tallahassee FL was one of the later ones, six lanes to be exact. Evening rush hour…

rush hour - 1

Now, I never smoked, but I’m an avid non-smoker. I guess I’m right on track with those former-smokers! 😉

Living in Victoria BC, I sometimes forget that there used to be something like cigarette smoke. When I leave Victoria, that’s when it hits me: There are still smokers out there, how weird! (And how stinky!) I fear, living in a mostly non-smoking city, I’ve become even more sensitive to cigarette smoke. And as multiple former-smokers have testified, the same happens to them after quitting.


Now, believe it or not, since I switched to an electric car, I feel the same about ICE cars (Internal Combustion Engine cars). They.Stink! AND They.Are.So.Noisy! But why am I noticing that now? I have no clue! It’s not that I’m coming from a non-ICE environment and suddenly find myself in an ICE environment. Far from it! ICE is (still) all around us!  But, I truly notice the stink and the noise so much more now. It makes me wonder how we have put up with this for so long. (How did we ever put up with cigarette smoke for so long?) And I’m not consciously getting all anxious about the health effects of the air and noise pollution. Though I should be. Everybody should be. Just like we learned we should be weary of the second-hand smoke health hazards. Just like with cigarette smoke, we got so used to the ICE car air and noise pollution, we don’t notice it any more. (Some people even think, the more noise the better…. vroom, vroom….) How sad is that?! But, not any more. Now I hear, now I smell.


Exhaust fumes

And I hope you do, too.


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Thank you from both of us!

6 thoughts on “Switching to an Electric Car is like…

  1. So true. I think Elon must of felt the same at one point so he created ” Bio Mode ” on the Model X. Maybe all Tesla’s made from now on will have this as a standard feature!


    • The “Bioweapon Defense Mode” Button, so true. Those guys at Tesla do have humour, without turning things into a joke. Clean air is not a joke for them: The Model X comes with a true HEPA filter that Tesla claims has a cross section 10x larger than a normal car. Its filtration performance compared to a standard vehicle is said to be 300 times better at filtering bacteria, 500 times better at filtering allergens, 700 times better at filtering soot/smog, and 800 times better at filtering viruses.
      Read more at Teslarati

      Maybe that filter could have helped those 9,500 Londoners that die of air pollution every year, mostly due to “NO2 emissions from diesel vehicles and other sources within the capital”…
      Read more at The Guardian


    • Well, I certainly hope it won’t go the other way!!! Discussions have been started a while ago about whether or not electric cars are supposed to have an artificially added sound to alert pedestrians. Imagine that! Here we have THE chance to go quieter instead of louder and there’s people out there that believe this must not be. They want a quiet electric car to make the sound of a regular ICE car… How about – for once – instead of taking responsibility for their actions away from people, make people responsible for their actions? Meaning: Why can we not expect pedestrians to LOOK where they are going instead of not paying attention – because they are on the phone, have their ear-plugs in, jaywalk or whatever? Why is it up to the car to “let pedestrians know” its coming? Why is not the pedestrians’ responsibility to make sure they don’t run into a car?
      At least that’s how I was raised, that I’m responsible for my actions. I was told to look where I’m going…


  2. Your comparison is so true! Amazing what we notice when we are not in that environment anymore.
    We are skiing this weekend and we can’t believe how many people enjoy smoking pot on the chairlift. We are enjoying the outdoors, the smell of clean fresh air and then a we are invaded with this terrible smell!!!!
    Hope you are having a great time. It is a blizzard up here on the mountain.


    • I wish more people would start noticing. It’s difficult to live with it once you do…I did write I’m not consciously concerned about the health hazards when I can smell the exhaust fumes… Guess what?! That’s changing, too!! Now I am. More and more. Can’t wait to get away from it. Probably another week and a half in the marina here before we could potentially leave – weather permitting.

      Enjoy the fresh, clean air on the way down the slopes 😉


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