Tesla Motors Customer Stories

Our story has been posted on the Tesla Motors Customer Stories page. Yeah!

Seth and Nancy had us goofing around at the Tesla Supercharger in Wickenburg AZ (1st picture). Our GoldenLabCross Kye looks gorgeous in front of the Tesla Factory (2nd picture) in his custom-made coat thanks to super-seamstress Lynda and Fabricland Kryskrafts (3rd picture). The next two stunning pictures (4&5) were taken in beautiful Sedona AZ. And Matt from EVANNEX welcomed us upon arrival in Ft. Lauderdale FL (picture #6).

We’ll be back with more stories in April and then for sure June to at least September. We really don’t know how long it will take us to cross Canada. All we know is that the trip will start June 1st in our then brand-new Tesla Model X. And that we will announce a surprise on May 1st. So, stay tuned!


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Thank you from both of us!


2 thoughts on “Tesla Motors Customer Stories

    • Thank you, Petra! Me too! Can’t wait to get the “real trip” started in June and being way more active on the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube! But Bahamas first 😉 until April.


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