Clean Air For Our Kids

We make sure our kids eat well, right? We make sure they get a good start in life. We want the best for them and their future, right? Ever thought about putting ‘clean air’ into that category, too?


We’re very fortunate in British Columbia: People are aware that “idling gets you nowhere”, quite the contrary. Since one can kill oneself breathing in exhaust fumes for just a few minutes, British Columbia is striving to become idle free. School zones already are.


Travelling through the US, it has become obvious that we truly are very fortunate in British Columbia. During our 4,800mi trip, we experienced car-idling all over the place – and often without any apparent reason. It’s not that those people either needed to heat-up or cool-down a car (an open-top jeep as seen in Sedona AZ) or a coach (awaiting passengers in moderate temperatures as seen in Gainesville FL).

It pains me to see (and smell) that, so I had to write about it. Here we are, in beautiful Sedona, it’s a crisp, clear morning and in the driveway of the hotel sits a non-door, non-roof jeep idling. Why? It’s.So.Unnecessary!

Also, with today’s cars, the old myth that you need to warm-up an engine before driving should be all but forgotten. Same with the myth that idling uses less gas than restarting the car. But, that’s not the case. Idling reduces engine life. Idling can waste up to 4.5l/hr. All over the country, or should I say all over the world, people still idle their cars.

Let’s change that! Are you in?

Be your kids’ hero, go idle free.



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Thank you from both of us!

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