Kye, my Tessie and I

At home, I drive a Tesla Model S, ocean blue, gorgeous. And it’s so true: Once you switched to an electric car, especially a Tesla, you never EVER want to go back to a gas car. That’s only half the truth, though: Ever since hubby Rolf and I switched to electric cars, we want ALL of our ‘vehicles’ to be electric! While the electric rEVolution is making big leaps and bounds – Seattle busses, Canadian governmental limousines, UK double-deckers… – there are still ‘vehicles’ that are stuck in the Dark Ages: our boat, though packed with solar panels, still runs on diesel (unless we sail! :-)); our main dinghy runs on gas (no sail :-(). Hubby Rolf says, that’s because the energy consumption of electric motors in marine transportation is still very high.

I have a Tesla dinghyExcept…I have a ‘Tesla’ dinghy! Well, almost…

So, this is the story of Kye, my Tessie and I:

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The Bahamas Pitch-In

I really like Stocking Island. Its beaches are phenomenal, the almost white sand feels like flour, it’s so soft, and the water colour covers all shades of turquoise and blue. Stocking Island’s beach on the Atlantic side is probably one of the cleanest, East-facing beaches in all of The Bahamas. Just a minimum of garbage and lots of shells and other organic material from the ocean. And why is that? – Because the locals have a big pick-up event once a year with many people pitching in – or so I was told.

I might not be able to physically join Leilani Münter on her campaigns to support, for example, Racing Extinction, but like a ‘true Canadian’, I’ve created my own, little pitch-in routine. This is my Start-with-1-thing: Continue reading

Tesla Model ≡ Camp Out

Wow, we expected the Model 3 would be successful (imagine that, since we are VERY happy Tesla Model S owners 😉 awaiting a Model X…), but didn’t expect this! Somebody actually created a Google Document so that people can enter when and where they’ll line up in front of the Tesla stores to order their Model 3:

Model3 sign up

Google Doc – Model3-CampOut-LineUp

Kyle Field for comments: “… a sign that Tesla has finally arrived as one of the latest tech companies to build fanatically perfect products… with a purpose to boot? They may not have achieved the mainstream adoption of Apple and Google, but to those of us who love cleantech, saving the planet, and Tesla, it is already much larger and, more importantly, hitting its stride in mainstream society.” Read more on

Store sales start worldwide on March 31, online sales start April 1. Rolf believes there will be 100,000 Model 3s sold in the first week. To bet against that, I’ll say 125,000. What is your bet?


Anxiety Rising!!!

Just in case you guys started to wonder why I keep writing about the Bahamas, I wanted to reassure you that this blog is – or will be – about our cross Canada trip, Victoria BC to St. John’s NL, in a Tesla Model X, promoting sustainable energy and transportation. It just so happens that we currently are in the Bahamas, and some of my experiences and thoughts here have an environmental aspect that I decided was worthwhile sharing in this blog. Bear with us, we’ll be heading home to Victoria BC mid April.

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Two Sides of an Island

One of our favourite areas in The Bahamas are the Ragged Islands. They are quite remote, mostly uninhabited and only few sailors make it there.

Johnson Cay part of the ragged islands

Johnson Cay, The Ragged Islands, The Bahamas – Courtesy Explorer Chartbook

One of my favourite bays in The Raggeds is on Johnson Cay. The bay is wide and shallow, the view is stunning, the water is warm and crystal clear. This place invites you to forget time and just be. Continue reading

A Climate Change Legend turns 80!

David Suzuki is a legend, not only in Canada. A long time activist against climate change he’ll be celebrating his 80th birthday on March 24. When reflecting on his life, David wrote “For more than 25 years, I’ve studied and communicated about the seriousness of the climate crisis. It was the main reason my wife, Tara, and I joined other thinkers to start an environmental organization, which we named the David Suzuki Foundation (a name I initially rejected) — now celebrating its 25th year!” Read more.

80th Birthday Gala Save the Date

Image courtesy

David’s birthday will be celebrated in Toronto on April 8th. I wish we could be part of it.

Happy Birthday, David, and Thank you!!! for all you’ve done! Hope my donation will make your birthday a good one! Silke


Watch Suzuki@80

Thursday, March 24, 2016 at 8 PM on CBC-TV

TESLA Model X meets the Media

Just found this link to the web site with some great media quotes about the Model X. We are still waiting. Eagerly. To find out when ours will be delivered. We sure hope we’ll have it before June 1! That’s when our cross Canada trip is supposed to start. Or better yet, before May 23 – since we want to participate in the Victoria Day Parade in Victoria BC with our Model X as part of the Victoria EV Club. So, crossing all of our fingers and toes! Transport Canada: Please hurry up!

But for now, enjoy the media reviews:

Astonishing – Stunning – Beautiful – Mind Blowing…

“First, Business Insider explains: “We took the Tesla Model X SUV for a spin in Manhattan – and we were blown away… The word ‘cool,’ in its truest sense, is wildly overused when talking about cars, but the Model X is cool like a tall, beautiful drink.” They explain, “With the Model X, Tesla has taken a people hauler and transformed it into modern art, inside and out. But you can still drive it to soccer practice or tow 5,000 lbs… The Model X is, frankly, a stunning piece of beautiful automotive engineering and design.” They conclude: “This thing is, in a word, astonishing.” Read more.


Photo by Jeffrey Jablansky, Men’s Journal


The Bahamas in Danger

After our 4,800mi/7,800mi trip in a Tesla Model S, we’re currently enjoying our vacation in The Bahamas. Since this doesn’t have much to do with our Promotion Tour for Sustainable Energy and Transportation, I’ve been keeping a low profile. Only a few nights ago has it dawned on me that The Bahamas actually has EVERYTHING to do with our Promotion Tour!

Bahamas will lose 80

The Bahamas is one of the most low-lying countries in the world. It will lose 80% of land in this century due to climate change[1].

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General Motors fighting Tesla

Leilani Münter’s article on what’s going on between GM and Tesla in Indiana and other US states, speaking from my heart:


Leilani Münter and her Tesla Model S, Image courtesy

“In an incredibly public display of insecurity in their abilities as an auto manufacturer, General Motors recently backed a bill that would block American electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors from selling cars in Indiana. It was shelved for later study, but Tesla has faced direct bans in five states: Connecticut, Michigan, Texas, West Virginia and Utah. In Utah, at least, the issue is being litigated as a misapplication of law and is now before the Utah State Supreme court….”

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