General Motors fighting Tesla

Leilani Münter’s article on what’s going on between GM and Tesla in Indiana and other US states, speaking from my heart:


Leilani Münter and her Tesla Model S, Image courtesy

“In an incredibly public display of insecurity in their abilities as an auto manufacturer, General Motors recently backed a bill that would block American electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors from selling cars in Indiana. It was shelved for later study, but Tesla has faced direct bans in five states: Connecticut, Michigan, Texas, West Virginia and Utah. In Utah, at least, the issue is being litigated as a misapplication of law and is now before the Utah State Supreme court….”

“I do believe that the fact that GM is trying to block their competition from selling cars while Tesla shares their patents with the world speaks volumes about who they are morally and ethically as companies….”

Full article at

Leilani Münter, “vegan hippie chick with a racecar”, environmental activist, one of the top ten female race car drivers in the world (Sports Illustrated), Eco Hero (Glamour Magazine), volunteer for Ric O’Barry‘s Dolphin Project, participated in the 2015 documentary Racing Extinction with a specially outfitted Tesla Model S (15,000 lumen projector, a high definition FLIR camera (forward looking infra red) with color filter that makes CO2 and methane visible to the human eye, painted with electro-luminescent paint).

Leilani drives a Tesla Model S powered by solar power from her rooftop solar panels.


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