TESLA Model X meets the Media

Just found this link to the EVANNEX.com web site with some great media quotes about the Model X. We are still waiting. Eagerly. To find out when ours will be delivered. We sure hope we’ll have it before June 1! That’s when our cross Canada trip is supposed to start. Or better yet, before May 23 – since we want to participate in the Victoria Day Parade in Victoria BC with our Model X as part of the Victoria EV Club. So, crossing all of our fingers and toes! Transport Canada: Please hurry up!

But for now, enjoy the media reviews:

Astonishing – Stunning – Beautiful – Mind Blowing…

“First, Business Insider explains: “We took the Tesla Model X SUV for a spin in Manhattan – and we were blown away… The word ‘cool,’ in its truest sense, is wildly overused when talking about cars, but the Model X is cool like a tall, beautiful drink.” They explain, “With the Model X, Tesla has taken a people hauler and transformed it into modern art, inside and out. But you can still drive it to soccer practice or tow 5,000 lbs… The Model X is, frankly, a stunning piece of beautiful automotive engineering and design.” They conclude: “This thing is, in a word, astonishing.” Read more.


Photo by Jeffrey Jablansky, Men’s Journal


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