Anxiety Rising!!!

Just in case you guys started to wonder why I keep writing about the Bahamas, I wanted to reassure you that this blog is – or will be – about our cross Canada trip, Victoria BC to St. John’s NL, in a Tesla Model X, promoting sustainable energy and transportation. It just so happens that we currently are in the Bahamas, and some of my experiences and thoughts here have an environmental aspect that I decided was worthwhile sharing in this blog. Bear with us, we’ll be heading home to Victoria BC mid April.

Now, there’s one aspect of our plans that I’m getting more and more anxious about, and that’s the question whether we will actually get our Model X in time.

Delivery in the US is well under way, but with regard to Canada, we are still awaiting approval by Transport Canada. Nobody knows when that will happen, and though we do have a Signature Model X on order, which means it will be among the first <1000 or so to be built, it might still be too late for what I was hoping to use it for:

Rolf's TeslaMy hope was to generate even more interest for our trip by participating in the Victoria Day Parade with our Model X on May 23rd. Given the ‘time of approval’ to ‘building the car’ to ‘actual delivery’ process, I’m getting anxious we won’t make it. And gone would be an opportunity to let thousands of along-the-road-spectators and TV-watchers know about our Sustainability Promotion Tour. I’d be !SO.DISAPPOINTED! if that happened. I was counting on it!  At this point, I worry it won’t happen…I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll all be crossing your fingers and toes and wishing us good luck for a speedy delivery. Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Anxiety Rising!!!

  1. We may be able to get a TESLA Model X from one of our US VictoriaEVclub,com members.
    17% of our members are from our cousins USA. And they are a compassionate peoples. 🙂
    So be Hopeful. One way or an other we will have a Tesla. Believe and pray! I am an atheist so you
    have to do the praying, Fred


  2. Couldn’t you pick up your Model X on your way back to Victoria at the Tesla Factory yourself instead of relying on Transport Canada?


  3. I’m not much of a photographer, only got a couple of shots before succumbing to chat-itis. I’ve placed them in Dropbox and hope this link works:

    First shot is Phil pulling in, second the obligatory “in-flight” pose. Had coffee after while Phil waited for a few electrons. He made a great comment about kids (he has 2 boys and a girl), that when you have boys, it’s good to have a spare since they do such inane things (full disclosure: I have two boys too).


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