Tesla Model ≡ Camp Out

Wow, we expected the Model 3 would be successful (imagine that, since we are VERY happy Tesla Model S owners 😉 awaiting a Model X…), but didn’t expect this! Somebody actually created a Google Document so that people can enter when and where they’ll line up in front of the Tesla stores to order their Model 3:

Model3 sign up

Google Doc – Model3-CampOut-LineUp

Kyle Field for CleanTechnica.com comments: “… a sign that Tesla has finally arrived as one of the latest tech companies to build fanatically perfect products… with a purpose to boot? They may not have achieved the mainstream adoption of Apple and Google, but to those of us who love cleantech, saving the planet, and Tesla, it is already much larger and, more importantly, hitting its stride in mainstream society.” Read more on CleanTechnica.com

Store sales start worldwide on March 31, online sales start April 1. Rolf believes there will be 100,000 Model 3s sold in the first week. To bet against that, I’ll say 125,000. What is your bet?


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