Important Date May 1

“Two Tesla Enthusiasts, one wild idea…”

That’s how I started our ‘About us‘ post. Now, if some of you thought that driving from Victoria BC to Ft. Lauderdale FL and back (round trip about 9,000 mi/ 14,000+ km) In.An.Electric.Car! was ‘wild’, or that crossing Canada in a Tesla Model X is ‘wild’ you ain’t seen nothing yet 😉. On May 1, we’ll announce what I would really call a ‘wild idea’!

Stay tuned…

‘Racing Extinction’ Changed Me


On April 20, we happened to be in Houston TX on our way home to Victoria BC. The same day, Houston’s Rice University was screening the movie ‘Racing Extinction’. And to top it off, my inspiration # 2, right after Elon Musk, Leilani Münter, was going to be there as well. I was VERY excited to meet her, the ‘vegan hippie chick race car driver’ and environmentalist who drove the Tesla with the big projector and electroluminescent paint in the movie.


I had watched ‘Racing Extinction’ before. It made me cry then; it made me cry again in Houston.

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Lucky us! Lucky you!

We’re back on the road again, driving home, 3700+mi/6000+km. When driving the other direction in January, Rolf and I started thinking about ways to increase Electric Vehicle (EV) awareness with the businesses we were visiting along the way. Three weeks on the road mean a good number of restaurants, shops and hotels!!!

There are those businesses that have Tesla Superchargers, Tesla Destination Chargers or other EV chargers, e.g. Sun Country Highway, installed on their property.

Sedona chargers

Thank you, Best Western Inn of Sedona, we really enjoyed our stay!

Some businesses just happen to be close to an EV- or Supercharger. And some, sorry to say, have ‘none of the above’.

Now, how could we get the message across – with few words and in a positive way – that businesses might want to consider installing EV chargers? This is our way:

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Solar Sailors

This Bahamas season, one thing became so obvious: sailors believe in sustainable energy. It’s rare to see a sailing boat without at least a wind generator, and most of them, I’d say 95% of the sailing boats we’ve encountered, have solar panels. Free-of-charge, clean energy – after the initial investment. Makes such sense! Few sailing boats don’t have solar panels. My uneducated guess is, they must either be new and inexperienced, or they are probably chartering from a fleet.

9 Solar Sailors

Powerboats, on the other hand, rarely have wind generators or solar panels. Why is that?

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Four Awesome Things Happened…

…since my previous posts ‘Two Sides of an Island’ and ‘The Bahamas Pitch-In’:

Number One: I convinced hubby Rolf and our friends, Andy and Jody, to help me clean up my favourite beach in the Brigantines, Exumas. (At least, I hope I ‘convinced’ them. I know I can be quite bossy at times… ;-)…) Though it was four of us, and this time, we did take the garbage off the island, we barely made a dent. It’s easy to get discouraged, but I try to see the positive side: Some garbage removed is better than none.

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Welcome to the family, Model 3s!

People have been waiting. I think that’s pretty clear by now. Hundreds of people were lined up before the stores opened. 180,000 Model 3 orders in 24 hrs and more coming in! Last number I heard: 232,000! What a success!

Congratulations Tesla MotorsCongratulations, Tesla Motors, Elon Musk. You did it!

Wish we could have been part of the store-line ups. Wish we could have been part of the unveil party. Instead, we watched the Model 3 unveil video on our boat the next day (after downloading it at Red Baboon Cafe in George Town, Exumas). Great show, great car!

Even before we watched the video, Rolf put our order in. Just in case, he reserved two, you never know…

Believe and TrustBecause we believe in Tesla Motors. Because we trust Elon Musk.

Now, if Elon could only get us our Model X in time for the Victoria Day Parade on May 23, that would be awesome… 😉 …