Welcome to the family, Model 3s!

People have been waiting. I think that’s pretty clear by now. Hundreds of people were lined up before the stores opened. 180,000 Model 3 orders in 24 hrs and more coming in! Last number I heard: 232,000! What a success!

Congratulations Tesla MotorsCongratulations, Tesla Motors, Elon Musk. You did it!

Wish we could have been part of the store-line ups. Wish we could have been part of the unveil party. Instead, we watched the Model 3 unveil video on our boat the next day (after downloading it at Red Baboon Cafe in George Town, Exumas). Great show, great car!

Even before we watched the video, Rolf put our order in. Just in case, he reserved two, you never know…

Believe and TrustBecause we believe in Tesla Motors. Because we trust Elon Musk.

Now, if Elon could only get us our Model X in time for the Victoria Day Parade on May 23, that would be awesome… 😉 …

10 thoughts on “Welcome to the family, Model 3s!

  1. Since there was no box to click whether or not you are a Tesla owner in the reservation form for the Model 3 I was wondering… How did your 2 reservations come into “Rolf’s Teslas” account? I mean is the connection made only through your first and last name and maybe email address and your reservation automatically showed in your Tesla account or how did this work? I’m just wondering as I don’t have a Tesla account (just yet).


    • Rolf said it’s all via email address log-in. You should have a Tesla account since your reservation and 24hr after your reservation, it should show you your RN number. Go to “My Tesla” on TeslaMotors.com to log-in. Hope that helps.


      • Thanks, but didn’t work. I tried to create a new account but then it said that an account with my email address already exist. So far so good but I don’t have a password to login! What to do? Maybe they will send me one “in due course”!? Any idea? Maybe “reset your password”? But I never had one…?


    • Haha, was sein ist ist mein 😉 I actually don’t have a Tesla account myself, it all goes through Rolf. While it might be his on paper, that’s on paper only 😉


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