Four Awesome Things Happened…

…since my previous posts ‘Two Sides of an Island’ and ‘The Bahamas Pitch-In’:

Number One: I convinced hubby Rolf and our friends, Andy and Jody, to help me clean up my favourite beach in the Brigantines, Exumas. (At least, I hope I ‘convinced’ them. I know I can be quite bossy at times… ;-)…) Though it was four of us, and this time, we did take the garbage off the island, we barely made a dent. It’s easy to get discouraged, but I try to see the positive side: Some garbage removed is better than none.

Number One - 1

Number Two: Victoria BC based fellow Tesla Model S owner Jeremey got inspired by my blog posts and will from now on take a garbage bag on his geocaching excursions to also help keep our nature clean and beautiful. Awesome!

Number Three: Upon return to George Town, Exumas, the garbage bags that I had left behind on Stocking Island (on purpose – find out why) had been removed! That’s now at least three times that somebody else, somebody I don’t know, noticed, thought, decided, and acted – just as I had hoped.

Number Four: I found a comrade in arms, Rhonda. She’s been collecting garbage off beaches for much longer than I have. Now it’s the two of us walking Kye and picking up garbage in the process, twice daily, which makes 4 bags/day! We’ve taken all those bags back to our boats for proper removal. Not enough people left to inspire 😉 since the season is almost over and most boats have left (referring to The Bahamas Pitch-In). The East-facing beach on Stocking Island from Monument up North is now almost garbage-free! Sometimes, Rhonda and I cool down from our strenuous work 😉 with a dip in the ocean. What a treat!

Thank you, everybody! This is EXACTLY what I was hoping for!

Number 4

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