Solar Sailors

This Bahamas season, one thing became so obvious: sailors believe in sustainable energy. It’s rare to see a sailing boat without at least a wind generator, and most of them, I’d say 95% of the sailing boats we’ve encountered, have solar panels. Free-of-charge, clean energy – after the initial investment. Makes such sense! Few sailing boats don’t have solar panels. My uneducated guess is, they must either be new and inexperienced, or they are probably chartering from a fleet.

9 Solar Sailors

Powerboats, on the other hand, rarely have wind generators or solar panels. Why is that?

Do they not want free-of-charge, clean energy? It can’t be the money for the initial investment, surely, since every nautical mile they leave behind costs them dearly. Is it about aesthetics? Or is it the fact that power boaters believe they create enough power while under power, so solar energy becomes obsolete?

And then, in the most beautiful, serene bay, boats gently rocking, the air fresh and clean, the sound of the birds and waves so relaxing, those power boaters realize that, after one day in such an anchorage, they are out of power and need to start their engine or generator. And BOOM! All the relaxing, serene scenery is gone.done.finished.over. For EVERYBODY in the bay. Now it’s all about noise, stink and dirt. Yes, generators do leave a black residue on white boats, quite disgusting when you are anchored behind a generator-powered boat. And yes, they stink. And no, they are never quiet. Sorry, SOME power boaters truly CAN BE a pain in the transom (‘butt’ for non-boaters), but not all! I want to stay positive. There are exceptions from the rule. We found…few. But we found some. These two…

Solar Motor Boats

My message to all power boaters: Invest in sustainable energy, it’s worth it, for you guys, too.


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