Lucky us! Lucky you!

We’re back on the road again, driving home, 3700+mi/6000+km. When driving the other direction in January, Rolf and I started thinking about ways to increase Electric Vehicle (EV) awareness with the businesses we were visiting along the way. Three weeks on the road mean a good number of restaurants, shops and hotels!!!

There are those businesses that have Tesla Superchargers, Tesla Destination Chargers or other EV chargers, e.g. Sun Country Highway, installed on their property.

Sedona chargers

Thank you, Best Western Inn of Sedona, we really enjoyed our stay!

Some businesses just happen to be close to an EV- or Supercharger. And some, sorry to say, have ‘none of the above’.

Now, how could we get the message across – with few words and in a positive way – that businesses might want to consider installing EV chargers? This is our way:

Having had good experience with Vistaprint before, I ordered another set of business cards online, which were printed and shipped to the Lauderdale Marine Center in Ft. Lauderdale FL while we were in the Bahamas, for us to pick up on the way home. Luckily, we didn’t forget! 😉

The front of the card hasn’t changed much, our ‘awareness creating tool’ can be found on the back. In a ‘multiple choice’-style with just a few words and a friendly smile, we are trying to get our message across:


Now, whenever we stop somewhere, be it at a restaurant, store (pet stores! ;-)…) or hotel, we complete the card, write down ‘Thank you!’ and our names, and hand it over to the business manager.

This way, we hope we help increasing awareness around electric cars and EV chargers, showing that “yes, we are out there”, “yes, there will be more and more of us” and “yes, we are visiting your particular business”. Or, maybe, next time we won’t – because next time, we are not sufficiently charged and ‘you’ are not that lucky… 😉


Obviously, these guys didn’t need our card 😉 Of course, we stopped here and enjoyed the free coffee and paid-for lunch! Thank you, Collin Street Bakery!

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