Sharing ‘Racing Extinction’ with Friends

Last Friday, we had ‘dinner and a movie’ at our place with some friends. Ever since watching ‘Racing Extinction‘, it has been important to me to share this movie with others. It is depressing and inspiring at the same time. It shows quite clearly that we are currently heading in the wrong direction, in many ways, but it also gives hope, because there’s still a chance to turn things around. Below follow some of our friends comments.
Watching Racing Extionction
I feel like they feel. And I am sure that many others will feel exactly like us once they watched the movie. It’s now the third time I watched it, and I had tears in my eyes yet again. But it also gave me another emotional boost. To do my part to make this earth a safe place for future generations. I think that Racing Extinction is a ‘must see’ for everybody in this world, especially parents. It’ll be our kids that will live in the kind of future that we are creating right now. For better or for worse.

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Our friends sharing their thoughts after watching Racing Extinction. Thanks, guys!

The Racing Extinction website contains some great tools that will give you ideas as to what you can do to support the transition to a sustainable future. Little steps, little changes in our day-to-day lives are what’s needed. Everybody can #StartWith1Thing.
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Our friends sharing their thoughts after watching Racing Extinction. Thanks, guys!

I have mentioned in my previous post, ‘Racing Extinction’ Changed Me, that we met ‘Vegan Hippie Chick with a Race Car’ Leilani Münter in Houston TX for a screening of ‘Racing Extinction’. But there was one aspect to that evening that I haven’t shared yet. Here it is 🙂 :

We talked to Leilani extensively that evening and really enjoyed her enthusiasm. She was so friendly, open and genuine! After the show, when Lailani was done answering questions from all her fans and supporters, it was high time for her to return to her hotel, so we offered Leilani a ride in my Tesla Model S. Since she tries to travel electric whenever she can, and has a Model S herself, there was no way she could have said ‘no’. In the end, we ended up being driven by her. Now I can claim that my Tesla Model S has been driven by a true NASCAR driver and noted environmentalist! 😉 Thank you, Leilani, it was great meeting you! I will cherish those moments forever!

Leilani and me

Meeting Leilani Münter in Houston TX for a screening of Racing Extinction.

Some final remarks:

The maker of the movie ‘Racing Extinction’, Louie Psihoyos, will be in Portland, Oregon, Monday night (June 6! tomorrow!) for an Endangered Animals Illuminate Pioneer Courthouse Square Event! He is trying to  close down the loop holes for importing endangered species through the West Coast ports of Oregon and still needs 40,000 signatures this month to get new laws on the November ballot. Wish I could be there!
Also, Leilani Münter has a good reason to be racing in NASCAR races, even though she is an environmentalist and supports electric cars and solar energy. She is using her racing profile to reach people with her message that she otherwise would not be able to reach. For every single one of her races, she has been adopting an acre of rainforest since 2007. Last but not least, she is currently looking for sponsors since she won’t work with the regular NASCAR supporting companies: Leilani does not work with companies that produce fossil fuels, meat or dairy products,  fur or leather, or any companies that test on animals. That means there’s not many sponsors left. We hope she will be able to get back onto the race track again soon to keep spreading the word about sustainable energy and transportation. Kudos, Leilani, for all you’ve been doing and will continue doing to save this earth! And always safe driving, racing and travels!
Leilani with boy

Leilani Münter in Houston after the screening of Racing Extinction with one of her fans.

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