2nd Electric Week: Valemount to Banff

For me, this past week had three highlights: First of all, we drove through one of the most spectacular areas on earth, Jasper and Banff National Parks! I could spend weeks here, enjoying the view, the fresh air, the wilderness of it all. We so much enjoyed our hike near Jasper along the ‘Valley of the Five Lakes’ Trail (Thanks, Zoe, for the recommendation!). The lakes were a stunning turquoise colour which would’ve been even more breathtaking had it been sunny.
2016-06 Jasper Lake - 1

One of the ‘Five Lakes’ in Jasper

Our next hike was at Lake Louise to the ‘Plain of the Six Glaciers Teahouse‘ (Thanks, Victor, for this great recommendation!). That one almost did us in ;-).

I had no idea that 375 elevation metres actually are a lot, I do now! Maybe not impressive for some, but certainly for us. Anyway, we made it and we enjoyed beautiful sceneries along the way. And, of course, the best meal ever was up in the mountains at the aforementioned teahouse. Vegetable noodle soup with hot chocolate and poundcake never tasted this good!!! 😉
2016-06 Lake Louise - 10

View of Lake Louise almost 375m below us. What a hike! Loved the Teahouse!

The second highlight of this past week was that, slowly, things are falling into place. Adjusting to the camping trailer was a little bit chaotic in the beginning, to say the least. Things didn’t have a place yet and I never knew where to put something or where to find something. It’s the normal time of adjusting to a new environment, and that’s rarely fun. Now the fun has started (though we still loose things in the trailer which is beyond me since it’s not THAT big…;-)…). I’m very happy with our camping lifestyle, I enjoy cooking and doing the dishes and eating outside, just doing pretty much everything outside, unless we’re driving or sleeping. Kye adopted amazingly to this new lifestyle as well. He loves the trailer, wants to go in there for his naps and also jumps into the car without even being asked. That wasn’t always the case, so I’m happy and relieved to see this happening!
2016-06 Banff - 4

Camping in the most spectacular places! Here: Banff, Alberta

The third highlight of this week was meeting all those people along the way. We are getting a lot of interest and positive feedback, not only from followers on social media but also pretty much everywhere we go, be it in the Lake Louise parking lot or at any of the campgrounds. Both our car and our trailer (and in the end our adventure) is generating a lot of interest.Thank you all!!!

Car and trailer are getting a lot of attention from people walking by or connecting with us via Social Media, like Brian and Sherry.

A special highlight in this regard was meeting Brian and Sherry with their Nissan Leaf in Jasper. They are early EV adaptors, having had their Nissan Leaf since 2012, and for that I admire them, immensely! At that point in time, I didn’t even know that electric cars existed. Those only appeared on my radar when Rolf got his Tesla Model S in 2014. Talking to Brian and Sherry was so much fun! They are so enthusiastic about their electric car and solar energy, if we hadn’t already caught the EV bug, we would for sure have it now. 😉 It’s too bad that they are still the only EV owners in the Jasper area. If you live or travel there, meet Brian and Sherry at the Pocahontas Cabins close to Miette Hot Springs and let them inspire you!

So much fun meeting Brian and Sherry, such enthusiastic EV owners!

The next week will see less hiking and more car shows. That’s something we want to do along the way as well. And Kye will get back to his home town, Red Deer, where we picked him up almost exactly a year ago! But before that, we’re stopping in High River for one night. Stay tuned if you wonder why! 😉
For more photos, please see the photo albums on our Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “2nd Electric Week: Valemount to Banff

  1. I enjoy your adventure immensley! Thank you! I have my reservation for a Model 3 in place. Hope I live long enough to see it😜.


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