11th Electric Week: New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia

What a whirlwind week this last one has been. So sad that we have to rush, but ‘Argentia-Ferry and Campground Season’ in Newfoundland will be over soon, so we have to get going.

All three provinces will stay with me as a time when I could walk Kye again the way he deserves it. It simply so happened that there were always trails close to our campgrounds. I’m very, very glad and grateful for that! I cherish those first-thing-in-the-morning walks with Kye, they are my ‘mediation in motion’. I miss Victoria BC the most when I can’t have that. Kye has been an amazing travel companion, never heard ‘are we there yet?!’ 😉 , not even a peep, and we have to thank him for so many, many laughs.

Kye - 1.jpg

Loving my walks with Kye!

New Brunswick

We wish we could have spent more time in New Brunswick. Given that it borders on Quebec, it’s surprising to see the difference in EV coverage and charging infrastructure. Continue reading

Share your EV Enthusiasm on Sep 18!

Help us share the message that Electric Vehicles are here NOW and that they are a true alternative to regular gas cars.

You may have heard that Drive Electric Week is coming up across North America September 10-18. Our hometown, Victoria BC, will have their own version of Drive Electric Week:

Drive Electric Victoria BC

18 September 10am-4pm

3960 Quadra St.

(rear parking lot, close to Quadra/McKenzie)


National Drive Electric FB

There will be:

  • Electric Vehicle static displays (parked cars with owners nearby to answer questions),
  • Owners offering 5-10 minute EV rides (owner driving)
  • Owners offering 5-10 minute EV test drives (owner in the front passenger seat)

To offer all this, Drive Electric Victoria needs to build a decent size fleet of electric cars available on the 18th. Would you like to be part of that, bringing your electric car for one of the above activities?

Please contact our friend Jeremey at jeremey.janzen@me.com / 250.721.2738 if you have questions or would like to volunteer as a display host, ride-giver, or test drive-giver.

Rolf, Kye and I will be in Nova Scotia that week and will miss the opportunity to show our car and trailer in Victoria BC. The more we’re hoping that you will be there to support Jeremey in spreading our joint message. If you cannot display your own electric car, please still spread the word about the event, it’s free to the public.

Thank you! We count on you to represent us!

Silke, Rolf & Kye


9th & 10th Electric Week: Quebec

Yes, we pretty much skipped Ottawa…Not on purpose, it just so happened that we got so frustrated trying to take a photo and then looking for parking (with trailer!), we gave up at some point and continued on. At least, we got the photo 😉

Ottawa - 1

We went to Ottawa and all we got was this lousy photo… 😉

Quebec – DC Fastcharger Infrastructure

These past two weeks have been the busiest of our trip. No wonder I only now find the time to write about it. What a marvelous province Quebec is! It reminded me of Europe in so many good ways. Food was wow! Quebec City was wow! EV charger network was wow! When I first heard that Quebec is the only province where one has to pay for EV charging, I was taken aback. Since we were there, I can only say “well done, Quebec!”. Continue reading

Electric Cars in Winter, No Problem!

We have been asked many times how electric cars do in the Canadian winter conditions. Since we live in Victoria BC, where temperatures barely go below zero, we couldn’t comment beyond the scientific facts. I didn’t want to leave it at that and asked our friend Michael Subasic and his wife Tammy to share their Calgary, Alberta, winter experience with the readers of our blog. 

Thank you, Michael and Tammy, for showing that harsh winter conditions and electric cars can – actually – go together. Read below how they deal with up to -35℃ (-31℉).

My wife Tammy and I received our Tesla Model S 85D on March 31, 2015. And we have driven almost 80,000km’s since then through every kind of weather we could find. We drove some epic road trips that covered all 4 seasons, and we have never looked back.

Setting the Electric Car up for any Weather Conditions

Our Model S, called lightRUNN3R (the light runner from the TRON movie) is equipped to handle anything our family of six can ask of it. Tammy and I have four amazing children: Ethan 14, Amelia 12, Samantha 10, and Melissa 8, and we ask a lot from our vehicles, I mean A LOT. We snowboard, bike, camp, and I drive all over Alberta with my job.

winterTesla 3 Continue reading

Interview with Max, the @tesla_addict

Meet Max, the @tesla_addict! We had such fun talking to him and sharing his enthusiasm. In fact, we talked for such a long time, Rolf got a sunburn 😉 You can follow Max by subscribing to his YouTube channel.

Thanks for the interview, Max! Sorry Rolf talked so much ;-)…Haha…Some interesting ideas in there, though!!!

Videos 12 and 13 online!

My, having a hard time keeping up with Rolf right now, even though he ‘only’ made it to Kenora so far… 😉

Two more videos are now online:

Video 12: In this video, we travel from Saskatoon to Yorkton for a family reunion and then to Onanole Campground where we charge with 100% solar electrons.

Video 13: In this video, we charge at a private home for the first time, have an unexpected nail biter experience, dodge a real thunderstorm, do our last Peavey Mart show & tell, check out a VIA hybrid van, and travel to Kenora in Ontario.