7th Electric Week: Thunder Bay to Killbear Provincial Park ON

The previous blog post was a long one. This will be a short one 😉 Only because it was a very quiet week, a week for us to regroup, relax and catch-up. Rolf finished and published four videos!!! He’s arrived in Saskatchewan now, oh no, I should say his videos got all the way to Saskatchewan now – while we’re in Ontario… Haha! It is a lot of work, I have to say, so stay tuned, he’ll be catching up with us at some point. (I hope! ;-)…)

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Beautiful camp spot at Pancake Bay Provincial Park

This week, we spent two wonderful nights at Rainbow Falls Provincial Park Campground, went via Wawa to Pancake Bay Provincial Park Campground and arrived via Serpent River Campground at Killbear Provincial Park Campground. See a theme here?! I just LOVE the Ontario Provincial Campgrounds! A lot like the ones we’re used to from British Columbia, with big camping spots in a huge forested area. Those past three ones even had a beach! And they were such fun to explore with Kye! Pancake Bay has a 3.5km nature walk which I enjoyed immensely! I published a short slide show on Facebook if you’re interested. That is my kind of camping!!! This is how I recharge (never mind the car! LOL).

Image for Week 7 Blog Post - 1 (2)

Loved the falls at Rainbow Falls Provincial Park!

For the ‘other’ kind of charging, we one more time relied on the generosity of total strangers. But total strangers they are no more! Our big Thank-you! goes to Stephen and Linda in Sault Ste. Marie for the double-charge they provided. We hope to welcome you in Victoria BC at some point! And also hope to meet your daughter in Halifax!

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Thank you, Stephen and Linda!

Not all campgrounds provide 50Amp outlets, and that meant this week, or specifically today, that we were not able to charge our car all the way to 100% over night. For today, that resulted in stopping  for three hours to charge at a Tesla wall charger we found on the Plugshare App, for which we were very grateful! Thank you, Ionic Engineering Ltd. in Sudbury, for sharing your Tesla charger on Plugshare! I just donated to the Sudbury Food Bank as per your suggestion.

Image for Week 7 Blog Post - 2

Thank you, Ionic Engineering!

But even those three hours barely gave us enough juice to make it to the campground tonight. We ended up driving 60km/h and then 50km/h to make it all the 296km today. That also meant that Rolf had to constantly drive on the side to let other cars pass. Not quite what I had envisioned for this trip, crossing Canada at 50km/h 😉 That.Is.Slow! LOL That means: there goes my afternoon ‘off’ 😉

Image for Week 7 Blog Post - 3

Charging combined with Lunch

Anyway, we arrived EXACTLY when it started raining, what luck. But it didn’t last long, we had a crowd around the car again, which was great. Kye got his walk, we had Pizza left-over dinner, some more Social Media and that was today.


The next days will be very busy and interesting. We are coming into the GTA…we had to think about that one for a bit…Greater Toronto Area! There are a lot of things we want to do, people we want to meet, and somehow, we need to get all of that organized. I guess, that’ll be one step at a time. We are planning another Meet-up, it’s about time! I hope to know more by August 3, but I can’t promise anything. It will probably be a one-day-notice kind of thing – again. 😉 So stay tuned!


Please note: For daily updates, especially meet-ups and real-time locations, please follow us on Facebook or Twitter, we also publish photos regularly on Instagram. You can find videos on our YouTube Channel. Tesla Referral Code http://ts.la/rolf9739

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