9th & 10th Electric Week: Quebec

Yes, we pretty much skipped Ottawa…Not on purpose, it just so happened that we got so frustrated trying to take a photo and then looking for parking (with trailer!), we gave up at some point and continued on. At least, we got the photo 😉

Ottawa - 1

We went to Ottawa and all we got was this lousy photo… 😉

Quebec – DC Fastcharger Infrastructure

These past two weeks have been the busiest of our trip. No wonder I only now find the time to write about it. What a marvelous province Quebec is! It reminded me of Europe in so many good ways. Food was wow! Quebec City was wow! EV charger network was wow! When I first heard that Quebec is the only province where one has to pay for EV charging, I was taken aback. Since we were there, I can only say “well done, Quebec!”. The big difference to other provinces is that Quebec has many, many DC Fastchargers (!). FastChargers as in Fast! And we paid for those. By the minute. Happily! I don’t think that free EV charging will be here to stay. Why should it? Installation, Usage and Maintenance have to be paid for. And we are more than willing to pay for FAST-Charging opportunities. Beats sitting somewhere for 3+hours any time!

What amazed us about Quebec as well is the number of electric cars we came across, and the general awareness about EVs in the population. Where we got one or two stares a day by cars driving by in other provinces, and maybe one thumbs-up a week, we got really noticed in Quebec province! Every second car had at least the passenger look over while straining their neck and we got more thumbs-up than in all other provinces combined. Sorry, but that’s what happened! Quebec is truly ready for the rEVolution! So great to see!

Trois-Rivières – Roulez Electrique EV Station

We had the great pleasure of meeting Sylvain, the owner of Roulez Electrique (French) EV Station (English) in Trois-Rivières. We went to Trois-Rivières for the first Meet Up in Quebec and felt right at home, thanks to Sylvain. What a great place for EV and not-yet-EV owners he has created! Roulez Electrique Station, in the heart of Trois-Rivières, is an EV heaven! Not only can you stop for charging at one of the 5 Level 2 Chargers (30A), 2 DC FastChargers (the only place with 2 DC FastChargers in Canada except Tesla!) and 2 x 80A Tesla chargers, some indoors, most outdoors, you can also go inside and browse the EV boutique, get a coffee, rent a conference room or work desk, enjoy your picnic lunch, have a shower, enjoy EV books, or rent electric bicycles. They even rent out a Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf to people who want to try out electric cars. Or simply explore downtown Trois-Rivieres on foot while your car charges as I did. Did I forget anything? Oh yes! Ask all your questions you ever had about electric cars to get unbiased, well-informed answers. Need to know if an electric car is for you, and which one? Go to Roulez Electrique Station. Need to get the name of a dealer who actually WANTS to sell electric cars, go to… yep, the same.

What a great way to serve the EV community and bring business into downtown Trois-Rivières. Would we have stopped there otherwise? Nope. Did we enjoy our stay? Every minute of it! All brand-new, EV parking lots just got painted green (and red for Teslas ;-)…), interior decoration still being worked on, solar panels still coming. But: it’s up and running, so go, say hi to Antoine, Jennifer and Sylvain and enjoy the new and so far absolutely unique EV Station experience!

Montreal – Club Tesla Quebec

We camped near Montreal before the Meet Up event in Montreal to not have to drive too far the next morning. We got a very special convoy to our campground: two Tesla Model Ss accompanied us to and through the huge and very well maintained Camping Mon Repos. Thank you, guys! Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to stay more than one night. We would have loved to! Lots to chat about with Daniel!

Club Tesla Quebec organized our Montreal Meet Up for us. You guys were amazing! Thank you so much for your great welcome! You really made us feel super-special 😉 What a great location we had for the Meet Up, close to the Montreal Superchargers in front of Adonis Supermarket. Thanks so much to Adonis for sharing their space and providing food and samples. (Wish we had such a supermarket in BC!) A truly great event! So many people! But that wasn’t it! Afterwards, we went on a 12+ Tesla car convoy around Montreal. Not an easy feat 😉 if you know Montreal traffic and its perpetual construction situation. But we got some great footage and turned quite a number of heads. We got noticed that day! The wonderful morning ended with a ‘race’ on the race track Gilles Villeneuve and a last photo shoot in front of Montreal’s skyline. What a day!

We also finally got to meet Ian, the ‘Mad Hungarian’. His Model 3 Reservation camp-out tent made a nice addition to our SafariCondo trailer in front of the Adonis Supermarket! When I saw his photo all over Social Media back in April, I never thought I would meet him just a few months later. Did you know that he is selling his EVOLVE shirts online via Teespring and 6$ of every sale are donated to one of three North-American EV organizations? Great idea, Ian! If I had more time, I might want to do the same with our shirts! Maybe finance some FastChargers that way… 😉

Quebec City – TeslaTaxi

The great welcomes we got in Trois-Rivières and Montreal were continued in Quebec City! We got our own, private tour around this beautiful, beautiful town by the first North American Tesla Taxi. Because we didn’t want to give up on the great panoramic windshield, Christian drove us around town in our own Tesla Model X. Pictures can describe this experience much better than any words! A truly beautiful town! And everywhere along the streets you find restaurants with patios outside. Just like in Europe. Exactly what we miss so much in other parts of North America. And the food… have I mentioned the food?! Don’t get me started 😉

One last Meet Up in the evening finished a wonderful day. Thank you, Christian, for taking such good care of us, and to everybody else for coming out and meeting us! We were especially glad to meet you guys from AVEQ! But also appreciated the two BClers who stop by after their non-stop drive all the way from BC! And your croissants, Al 😉

Saint-Frédéric – SafariCondo

This was a long anticipated visit, since our very special trailer is made by… SafariCondo in Quebec! Along the way on our travels across this country, we met a lot of people either with SafariCondo units, or people who knew all about SafariCondo. The company is known to people nationwide as a business producing high-quality, durable, well-thought out and well-engineered camper units, vans as well as trailers.

The Nadeau family made us feel like home immediately. We enjoyed a great lunch, during which Rolf and Daniel started discussing their passion: airplane gliders. Afterwards, we got a tour of the factory and saw how an Alto trailer is built. Wow! And to top it off, the day not only ended with an interview with Hubert from Beauce Média, but with an impromptu champagne & snacks get-together for family, friends and SafariCondo employees. (That’s how we ended up with 2 Teslas and 2 Volts in the parking lot!)

Thank you so much, Dominique, Michèle and Daniel! We didn’t expect any of this, what an amazing day! And congratulations to being elected the Regional Winner of the Desjardins Entrepreneur Awards in the ‘Sustainable Development’ category! You guys truly deserve it!

What’s next?

We only did a quick hop through New Brunswick on our way to Prince Edward Island. We are getting a little bit anxious to make it to Newfoundland – and BACK! The Argentia ferry and most campgrounds will close after the (Canadian!) September long weekend, and thus our means to charge and our way off the island will be gone. We’re feeling the pressure; ‘flying’ through areas we would otherwise spend much more time in. The same will happen in Nova Scotia. BUT! We will have time once we made it to St. John’s and back. So all isn’t lost yet 😉

We’re currently booked on the North Sydney – Channel Port aux Basques ferry for August 28 and expect to arrive in St. John’s around Canadian Labour Day Weekend. That’s when our official TeslaXCanada trip will end. Almost exactly after 3 months! Doesn’t mean our travels end, though 😉 Our return to Nova Scotia with the Argentia ferry is booked for September 8.

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    • That’s where we got hooked, during a test drive in Florida. Took about a quarter of a block and we knew this is our next car (Model S). And we were not even looking for a new car…LOL!


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