11th Electric Week: New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia

What a whirlwind week this last one has been. So sad that we have to rush, but ‘Argentia-Ferry and Campground Season’ in Newfoundland will be over soon, so we have to get going.

All three provinces will stay with me as a time when I could walk Kye again the way he deserves it. It simply so happened that there were always trails close to our campgrounds. I’m very, very glad and grateful for that! I cherish those first-thing-in-the-morning walks with Kye, they are my ‘mediation in motion’. I miss Victoria BC the most when I can’t have that. Kye has been an amazing travel companion, never heard ‘are we there yet?!’ 😉 , not even a peep, and we have to thank him for so many, many laughs.

Kye - 1.jpg

Loving my walks with Kye!

New Brunswick

We wish we could have spent more time in New Brunswick. Given that it borders on Quebec, it’s surprising to see the difference in EV coverage and charging infrastructure. Quebec is light-years ahead, happy to say, but sorry for New Brunswick. We went back again to barely being noticed by cars driving by…or maybe noticed but not acknowledged. The difference from Quebec to New Brunswick was profound! For that reason, we should have spent much more time right there. So sorry we can’t.


Another beautiful walk with Kye

Prince Edward Island

We spent some quiet days at the National Park’s Cavendish Campground. We needed it, we were quite exhausted. The past two weeks had been very great but also very busy. Time for us to catch up on blogs and video editing. Time for Kye’s and my long morning walks. We so much enjoyed the Homestead Trail! That’s when I shared on Social Media, that, if I could make a wish, I’d wish for this: That every National Park and Provincial Park in Canada would have 4+km hiking trails, 5+ DC FastChargers for EV visitors and 10+ 50Amp outlets for EV camping…besides solar panels and an electric fleet. Not sure if anybody was listening… 😉 And okay, I was aiming high… 😉 But that’s the kind of stuff that pops into my head when I’m doing my ‘meditation in motion’…

Of course, I had to go to Green Gables as well. Loved the farm house’s grounds with all its flowers. Neat place, interesting interior! Loved the two butterflies that posed for a great photo! Did a stupid thing as well – at the Cavendish Boardwalk – standing in line for over 30 minutes for two scoops of ice cream…apparently the best in Canada, but still… 😉 Anyway, that place and all the other ‘fun’ rides parks were easy to ignore and I will remember Prince Edward Island as a place of peace and quiet.

Nova Scotia

Continuing on to Nova Scotia, we were glad to have enough time to drive Cape Breton Island. Such a beautiful area, a great combination of rugged shoreline and misty mountains. For whatever reason, we always seem to pick a foggy day for mountain ridge driving. Doesn’t make for the best view…;-)…or maybe, it does?!

Two Sun Country Highway chargers are located along the Cabot Trail, which hugs the Cape Breton Highlands National Park: Laurie’s Inn in Cheticamp and Knotty Pine Cottages in Ingonish. We’re making a point of mentioning them here and on Social Media, because they are truly the pioneers of the EV charger infrastructure in that area. Other, bigger places have not caught up yet. Why the luxurious Keltic Lodge at the Highlands doesn’t have one is beyond me (hence no link here ;-)…). The Wickaninnish Inn on Vancouver Island does! So, we brought those EV supporters some business and ignored “the others”. We like to support who supports EVs.

When this post gets published, we will have arrived in Newfoundland. Less than a week of our ‘promotion tour’ for electric cars and solar energy left. What an adventure! But, it’s been an adventure with a purpose, so I can’t help but ask myself, have we been successful? I’d like to think that, though I know we could’ve done much more if we just had had more time. (And if the general media had been more interested…) How many not-yet-EV-owners have we truly reached? How many people have we inspired? Given that our trip is almost over, if you enjoyed following us, please share our story. We’re almost done with our part, it’s now up to you to spread the word, to share our blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts, to tell people about our YouTube videos (still more to come!).

Or ignore all that and simply share the fact that in today’s day and age, one truly can cross Canada in an electric car with camping trailer! How much easier must it be to do it without a camping trailer! And if you can cross Canada with an electric car, there really is no reason you can’t drive one around at home: The second car in every two-cars household can easily be electric! Something to look forward to!

5 thoughts on “11th Electric Week: New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia

  1. I’ve enjoyed following you folks on this odyssey. It is quite the adventure. My interest has been piqued and during my two week stay in BC’s Gulf Islands I plan to attend the Sep 18 EV event in Victoria. The notion of driving a fossil fuel less vehicle is quite intriguing and you have certainly pointed out some of the issues when making long trips.

    Hank Blommers



    • Thanks, Hank! Make sure you say hi to Jeremey at the event on the 18th. Wish we could be there as well! BCs Gulf Islands are stunning! Have a great time! Silke


  2. We loved reading your blog and seeing the videos. If I was able to post a picture here it would be of the EV we brought home today; a 2016 Kia Soul EV+, fueled from our 6.12 kWh solar array. It’s parked next to our Highlander Hybrid “road trip” car. We have long been inspired and your adventure sets our goals a little higher. Thank you for sharing it.


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