Tesla Model X versus Model S

This past week, we were asked to compare our experience with the Model X with our experience with the Model S. Below, you can find out what we think so far. [I did not have much time to take photos, some are here now, with more to come.]

Both, the Model S and the Model X, are amazing cars. We love them both!

What we like best about the Model X are the high quality of the interior, the amazing panoramic windshield, and, of course, it’s towing capability:

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8th Electric Week: Barrie – Niagara Falls – Toronto ON

We’re back in Supercharger Country! At least for a while. Yes, Canada can be crossed with an EV at this point, easily. Mostly thanks to the great work of Sun Country Highway! Just bring some time 😉 But, sorry to say, we did miss the Tesla Superchargers! Especially with the reduced range we have, 250km (at 60km/h with trailer) instead of 400km (at 110km/h without trailer), it is important for us to have fast charging options to top up our range in the middle of the day. It makes for more pleasurable travel. It gives us more freedom. We hope that the Ontario government keeps that in mind and

  1. Provides mostly fast-chargers and
  2. Provides the fast-chargers where people want to travel, and not where they live. After all, you can charge at home if driving short-distance, but if you want to truly travel, you have to rely on public (fast!) chargers.
SC reunited - 1

Happily reunited with the Tesla Superchargers

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7th Electric Week: Thunder Bay to Killbear Provincial Park ON

The previous blog post was a long one. This will be a short one 😉 Only because it was a very quiet week, a week for us to regroup, relax and catch-up. Rolf finished and published four videos!!! He’s arrived in Saskatchewan now, oh no, I should say his videos got all the way to Saskatchewan now – while we’re in Ontario… Haha! It is a lot of work, I have to say, so stay tuned, he’ll be catching up with us at some point. (I hope! ;-)…)

Image for Week 7 Blog Post - 1 (1)

Beautiful camp spot at Pancake Bay Provincial Park

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