12th Electric Week: Newfoundland

We made it! After a week driving from Channel-Port aux Basques to St. John’s, we arrived at our final destination: Thanks to Jon Seary and his family, we got a convoy to Mile Zero where we were welcomed by Deputy Mayor Ron Ellsworth.


Mile Zero in St. John’s NL: I’m standing on the dot, Rolf has one foot at Cape Spear and Kye sits on Victoria BC 😉

On September 6, we had our final official meet up of this trip at the Signal Hill Visitor Centre. We finished our cross Canada trip in an electric car with camping trailer after three months and 15,000 fully electric kilometres.

Thanks so very much to Green Rock EVS, local EV owners and the Deputy Mayor for joining us that morning. We were especially honoured to be welcomed by the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, the Hon. Perry Trimper. A big thank you also goes to CBC for doing an interview with us.

Of course, Rolf and I did not only make it all the way up on Signal Hill, we also made it all the way East to Cape Spear, the Eastern-most point of North-America!

Thank you so much, Jon, for everything you guys have done for us. It was wonderful getting to know you, Adrienne and your family! We hope we will see you all again soon! By the way, good taste in cars… 😉


Enjoying a wonderful lunch at Mallard Cottage, a must visit when in St. John’s!

Enjoying Gros Morne National Park and impressions of Newfoundland. We fell in love with this place instantly and plan to be back!

While our ‘official’ trip is over, we can’t seem to stop doing what we’ve been doing the past 3 months 😉 We had a few very interesting days in Halifax, to say the least, which ended with the first Halifax NS  National Drive Electric Week event. Rolf will be working on more videos and there will be more blog posts as well. So stay tuned, visit our YouTube Channel, join us on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and, please, share our story. Our mission was (and is!) to raise awareness and inspire others to switch to sustainable energy and transportation. We’ve shown what can be done.already.today! Now it’s up to you to share our story with others. The more people we can reach, the better.

And if we inspired you, please do let us know. It is important to us and we would love to share your story on our media platforms!

Thank you! from Rolf, Silke & Kye

10 thoughts on “12th Electric Week: Newfoundland

  1. Congratulations Rolf, Silke & Kye! Great Adventure!
    Gratulation auch aus Old Germany, from Hennef, where you grow up Silke!
    Thanks/Danke für eure tollen Berichte und Videos.
    Das Bild von euch beiden in den roten Stühlen vor dem Leuchtturm am Cape Spear hat mir besonders gefallen, denn darin habe ich mit Brigitte vor genau einem Jahr auch gesessen!

    Jetzt erholt euch erst einmal und repetiert, was ihr alles gesehen und erlebt habt.
    Das Leben ist schön!

    Erwin und Brigitte


  2. Congratulations! Your trip, beautifully documented, is an inspiration to all EV owners.

    Bruce Sharpe
    Vice President, Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association


  3. Rolf, I’d like to know more about your impressions of towing the Alto Safari Condo. I just ordered a Model X 90D and am planning to purchase a travel trailer. Not sure yet which one yet. I have a 4 month old kitten who I am getting acclimated to drives in a car. Not sure how he will do on a road trip in a camp trailer. What kind of range did you get in the Alto?


    • Hi, Robert! Thanks for commenting and sorry it took us so long to reply. Congratulations on the purchase of your Model X 90D! How’s the kitten doing? We travelled with cat and dog before, even took our cat motorhome camping, wich meant he had to be on a leash, of course. First time we put a harness on him he “fell over”, just “couldn’t” possibly walk with THAT! 😉 But he got used to it. He’s no longer with us now…
      As for the range while towing, may I point you to our FAQ page? It’s the third topic from the top. There’s nothing really that we can add to those numbers at this point. We will continue our travels end of March and hope to get some more numbers then. One thing we want to try then is to compare numbers between towing with roof down and towing with roof up. That’ll be interesting!


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