TeslaXCanada continues…

Okay, I took a little ‘Blogging break’ after our cross Canada trip, hanging out around Nova Scotia and enjoying a beautiful Indian Summer in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont – even visiting as far South as Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. The Indian Summer had been on our bucket list, just like the cross Canada trip. Just like that cross-country trip, we never thought we’d do it in a 100% electric car with camping trailer. 😉


Adding some of my Indian Summer photos to this post, taken all over the New England States these past few weeks.

During that time, we kept asking ourselves, what next? That we wanted to go to Florida to spend the winter in the Bahamas was a given. What we just didn’t seem to be able to decide was the how: with the camping trailer or without?! After all, by then, we had already spent four months camping. Our biggest concern was the reduced range of the car due to the camping trailer – and going along with that a reduced freedom. If you remember, we were quite dependent on reaching the next campground every day while crossing Canada, which meant it had to be mostly within a 220km range of the previous campground; and we had to go as slow as 70km/h most of the time.


Remember also, that this was not because of a lack of chargers across Canada, it was simply because we chose to charge over night while we were sleeping instead of during the day. Canada is, after all, covered with EV chargers from West to East. What it is lacking for most parts is a fast-charger network, such as the Tesla Supercharger network in the US. So, we asked ourselves, do we want to continue with a daily range of 220km and an average speed of 70km/h, while the Model X can go 400km without a trailer (and much faster ;-)…), and our answer boiled down to a ‘no’.


At that point, we were just about to explore the New England states, the one thing we still wanted to do before storing the camping trailer for another season. Low and behold, we changed our minds! Why? Because we experienced the US Tesla Supercharger network! Mind you, it wasn’t the first time, we had gone British Columbia to Florida and back in a Model S in the spring, immensely enjoying our travels. For whatever reason, we just didn’t quite believe it would be as easy and as enjoyable while towing a camping trailer.


And we were wrong! It actually is! We’re done worrying whether we’ll make it to the next, still open (!) campground to charge over night. – ‘Still open’ referring to the fact that camping season is mostly over in North-East US and that many campgrounds are now closed for the winter. – We simply hop from Supercharger to Supercharger just like without a camping trailer, it couldn’t be easier. And if we find a campground we like that’s still open, we take it. And if we don’t, we stay in a hotel since we’re not dependent on campgrounds any more. We have our freedom back!


So, here we are now, in Annapolis MD, about a week away from Ft. Lauderdale FL. While we’re travelling the US, we will not arrange any meet-ups, but will still meet with people, visit ‘mission-relevant’ businesses and show our car and trailer whenever an opportunity presents itself. Once in Ft. Lauderdale, we will store our car and trailer for the boating season and continue home to British Columbia with both next spring, probably taking another long route back, via California. So, TeslaXCanada continues…



6 thoughts on “TeslaXCanada continues…

  1. Hello our friends! Great to hear from you and your plans. Love all your photos, sure is beautiful back East! I thought so too when visiting the Ottawa area last week, the trees were spectacular! Enjoy the rest of your journey, look forward to face time again! xoxDonna


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