Videos 18 – 21 online!

While I was having a break, Rolf didn’t, poor guy. 😉 He kept editing his video footage. Here are his latest videos, four of them!!!

Video 18: Ottawa and Voyageur Park

We travel from Rideau Acres to Ikea for charging and lunch. Then Rolf gets lost without Silke in Ottawa during a photo shoot. After finding his way back to Silke, we continue to Voyageur Park.

Video 19: Montreal and Trois-Rivieres

We visit the Supercharger and the Tesla Service Center  in Montreal. Then we drive to Roulez Electrique in Trois-Rivieres and experience what the EV charging station of the future may look like.

Video 20: Roulez Electrique EV Station of the Future

Interview with Sylvain Juteau about his EV charging station concept of the future – and his reasons behind it.

Video 21: Trois Rivieres to Camping Mon Repos

Brief recap of our visit at Roulez Electrique EV Station, stop at Drummondville Supercharger and our special, Tesla-escorted arrival at Camping Mon Repos.

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