Happy New Year 2017!

Hi, everybody! Just a quick update: We will continue our travels end of March, going Ft. Lauderdale FL to Victoria BC via California. We assume it’ll take about a month. We’re ready to get home, so we won’t dawdle :-), but there’s a few things we want to do along the way. We’re not planning any events, though. We had intended those for Canada only.

Also, Rolf has started to work on the remaining videos again. I’ll be sharing them in this blog ASAP.

All the best for you, success, health and happiness!

Silke, Rolf & Kye


8 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2017!

  1. Hi Silke — Looking forward to having you back on the island and sharing your travel stories. This is ECO Night here with the VEVC hosting 7000 Victorians and introducing them to the latest model EVs as well as electric motorcycles, electric taxis and electric buses. It’s going to be a spectacular night and I’m officially putting in a request to have you and Rolf, your Model X, your trailer and Kai join us next year.


  2. If you come through Sacramento it could be fun to stop and exhibit your rig at the California Environmental Protection Agency building, home of California’s Air Resources Board – the leader in the USA on combatting global warming. If you’re interested, let me know and I can ask about authorization/promotion/logistics.


    • Hi, Tina! Well, we absolutely cannot say no to that opportunity! Sounds great! Thanks for getting in touch, we’d love to do that! I’ll send you an email. Thanks so much! Silke


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