Join us for our first Presentation!

On Earth Day, April 22, we will be part of the Sustainability Showcase at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria BC Canada. The event is organized by Creatively United for the Planet and includes


Presentation Details

We will be at the EV Extravaganza from 10am – 5pm, EXCEPT for the time we are giving our presentation about our

  • Cross Canada Trip in an Electric Car with Camping Trailer
  • from 11am – 12noon
  • in the Lecture Room.

The event is free, but panels and workshops require you to purchase a ticket. Tickets for our presentation will be $10 each.

Get in Touch!

Now, we know, of course ;-), very well what we want and will talk about in our presentation. That should not stop you from letting us know what you are particularly interested in. So, if you are planning to attend our presentation, send us an email (see contact form below) with the three questions or topics that are most important to you. We will do our best to cover those in our presentation. Thank you!

Also, if you’d like us to speak at another event, please get in touch with us. Thanks again!

Rolf & Silke


3 thoughts on “Join us for our first Presentation!

  1. We appreciate very much your continuing effort to share your adventures. Our little Kia Soul EV does the job for our urban travel for now, but we look forward to watching the technology unfold in the next couple of years. We will get our “road trip” BEV sooner or later! Best to you both.

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