We’re home!

We did it, we’re back home in Victoria BC! 

To everybody who joined us yesterday, either in Sidney, for the electric car convoy downtown, and/or at Mile Zero in Victoria: Thank you so very much! It meant a lot to us that you took the time to come out and welcome us home!

It was a great trip, an unforgettable experience, but it feels good to be home again! 

Being home doesn’t mean we’re done, though! Join us for our first presentation about our cross Canada trip in an electric car with camping trailer at the Sustainability Showcase on April 22 right here in Victoria BC!

4 thoughts on “We’re home!

  1. Nice picture and I do see the car and trailer in the background. I agree that this was a very interesting venture. It certainly has made me more aware of EV’s and the state of development of that industry. Recently Tesla opened a facility in Oakville, Ontario and I plan to go visit it and possible even test drive a Tesla. You have proven that with sufficient planning and fortitude cross-country travel is entirely possible. Society has progressed well beyond the time when EV’s were converted VW Beetles running 14 lead acid batteries with a range of 20 km. lol. Welcome home.

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    • …and looked like an oversize toy car…lol! So true! Glad we made you curious. Be warned, though, one test drive is all it takes and you’ll be hooked… ūüėČ ! All the best! Silke


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