This, I call ‘Wild’…

These past few months, which I’d call our ‘Social Media Warm-Up Phase’, we worked hard on getting the word out that hubby Rolf, Golden Lab Kye and I are going to cross Canada in a 100% electric Tesla Model X this summer to promote sustainable energy and zero-emissions transportation. I hope you’ve had fun following us so far! Now it’s time for a surprise:

The one thing we kept from you, the one thing we had planned from the start, but wanted to keep a secret for a little while longer, is…

Dalli Klick1

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‘Racing Extinction’ Changed Me


On April 20, we happened to be in Houston TX on our way home to Victoria BC. The same day, Houston’s Rice University was screening the movie ‘Racing Extinction’. And to top it off, my inspiration # 2, right after Elon Musk, Leilani Münter, was going to be there as well. I was VERY excited to meet her, the ‘vegan hippie chick race car driver’ and environmentalist who drove the Tesla with the big projector and electroluminescent paint in the movie.


I had watched ‘Racing Extinction’ before. It made me cry then; it made me cry again in Houston.

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Solar Sailors

This Bahamas season, one thing became so obvious: sailors believe in sustainable energy. It’s rare to see a sailing boat without at least a wind generator, and most of them, I’d say 95% of the sailing boats we’ve encountered, have solar panels. Free-of-charge, clean energy – after the initial investment. Makes such sense! Few sailing boats don’t have solar panels. My uneducated guess is, they must either be new and inexperienced, or they are probably chartering from a fleet.

9 Solar Sailors

Powerboats, on the other hand, rarely have wind generators or solar panels. Why is that?

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