We’re home!

We did it, we’re back home in Victoria BC! 

To everybody who joined us yesterday, either in Sidney, for the electric car convoy downtown, and/or at Mile Zero in Victoria: Thank you so very much! It meant a lot to us that you took the time to come out and welcome us home!

It was a great trip, an unforgettable experience, but it feels good to be home again! 

Being home doesn’t mean we’re done, though! Join us for our first presentation about our cross Canada trip in an electric car with camping trailer at the Sustainability Showcase on April 22 right here in Victoria BC!

Meet us at Mile Zero on April 12

On Wednesday, April 12, Rolf, Kye and I (Silke), aka TeslaXCanada, will return home after crossing Canada in an electric car with camping trailer. Not only that, from Newfoundland, we continued on to Florida, and after a 4 month winter break, we are now returning home via California. That means we pretty much circled around 90+% of North America’s population. Fully electric. With a solar-powered camping trailer. 

After 6 months on the road and 20,000+mi/ 32,000+km driven, we will be on the 11am Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay Ferry. To close the loop, we’ll drive to Mile Zero in Victoria BC before heading home. 

If you have time and feel like welcoming us home on Wednesday April 12, meet us either

1. at the Sidney Visitor Information Centre right beside the highway at the entrance to Sidney around 12:45pm and join us for a convoy to Mile Zero, 


2. at Mile Zero in Victoria BC between 1:30 and 2:00pm.

Regardless of the fun we’ve had, it feels good to be getting home! We’re looking forward to seeing you all again after such a long time! 

Event Updates on Facebook

We would like to let everybody know that event updates, such as yesterday’s Send-off or today’s Show&Tell in North Vancouver, will be posted and updated on our Facebook page. Please follow us on Facebook if you are interested in meeting us. By signing up for events there, you can make sure to not miss any changes. Although we try to keep changes to a minimum (actually, we try to avoid them!) and certainly try to not make any changes last minute, we know it’ll happen. So for the latest update (and our photo albums!) please refer to our Facebook page. 

Thank you!