‘Racing Extinction’ Changed Me


On April 20, we happened to be in Houston TX on our way home to Victoria BC. The same day, Houston’s Rice University was screening the movie ‘Racing Extinction’. And to top it off, my inspiration # 2, right after Elon Musk, Leilani Münter, was going to be there as well. I was VERY excited to meet her, the ‘vegan hippie chick race car driver’ and environmentalist who drove the Tesla with the big projector and electroluminescent paint in the movie.


I had watched ‘Racing Extinction’ before. It made me cry then; it made me cry again in Houston.

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General Motors fighting Tesla

Leilani Münter’s article on what’s going on between GM and Tesla in Indiana and other US states, speaking from my heart:


Leilani Münter and her Tesla Model S, Image courtesy https://t.co/NSSMmI0rs9

“In an incredibly public display of insecurity in their abilities as an auto manufacturer, General Motors recently backed a bill that would block American electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors from selling cars in Indiana. It was shelved for later study, but Tesla has faced direct bans in five states: Connecticut, Michigan, Texas, West Virginia and Utah. In Utah, at least, the issue is being litigated as a misapplication of law and is now before the Utah State Supreme court….”

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#BringBackSolar to Nevada!

In December 2015, the Nevada Public Utilities Commission (PUC) made a disastrous decision: they decided to make solar energy expensive for everyday people and, as a result, cost hundreds of solar workers their jobs.

Tell the Nevada Public Utilities Commission to reverse their decision: Nevada deserves affordable clean energy and good solar jobs.

Rolf and I did at http://act.100.org/sign/NVsolar/

Watch actor and energy avenger Mark Ruffalo in action, going head to head with the Nevada Public Utilities Commission: