Four Awesome Things Happened…

…since my previous posts ‘Two Sides of an Island’ and ‘The Bahamas Pitch-In’:

Number One: I convinced hubby Rolf and our friends, Andy and Jody, to help me clean up my favourite beach in the Brigantines, Exumas. (At least, I hope I ‘convinced’ them. I know I can be quite bossy at times… ;-)…) Though it was four of us, and this time, we did take the garbage off the island, we barely made a dent. It’s easy to get discouraged, but I try to see the positive side: Some garbage removed is better than none.

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Two Sides of an Island

One of our favourite areas in The Bahamas are the Ragged Islands. They are quite remote, mostly uninhabited and only few sailors make it there.

Johnson Cay part of the ragged islands

Johnson Cay, The Ragged Islands, The Bahamas – Courtesy Explorer Chartbook

One of my favourite bays in The Raggeds is on Johnson Cay. The bay is wide and shallow, the view is stunning, the water is warm and crystal clear. This place invites you to forget time and just be. Continue reading