Kye, my Tessie and I

At home, I drive a Tesla Model S, ocean blue, gorgeous. And it’s so true: Once you switched to an electric car, especially a Tesla, you never EVER want to go back to a gas car. That’s only half the truth, though: Ever since hubby Rolf and I switched to electric cars, we want ALL of our ‘vehicles’ to be electric! While the electric rEVolution is making big leaps and bounds – Seattle busses, Canadian governmental limousines, UK double-deckers… – there are still ‘vehicles’ that are stuck in the Dark Ages: our boat, though packed with solar panels, still runs on diesel (unless we sail! :-)); our main dinghy runs on gas (no sail :-(). Hubby Rolf says, that’s because the energy consumption of electric motors in marine transportation is still very high.

I have a Tesla dinghyExcept…I have a ‘Tesla’ dinghy! Well, almost…

So, this is the story of Kye, my Tessie and I:

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