This, I call ‘Wild’…

These past few months, which I’d call our ‘Social Media Warm-Up Phase’, we worked hard on getting the word out that hubby Rolf, Golden Lab Kye and I are going to cross Canada in a 100% electric Tesla Model X this summer to promote sustainable energy and zero-emissions transportation. I hope you’ve had fun following us so far! Now it’s time for a surprise:

The one thing we kept from you, the one thing we had planned from the start, but wanted to keep a secret for a little while longer, is…

Dalli Klick1

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Lucky us! Lucky you!

We’re back on the road again, driving home, 3700+mi/6000+km. When driving the other direction in January, Rolf and I started thinking about ways to increase Electric Vehicle (EV) awareness with the businesses we were visiting along the way. Three weeks on the road mean a good number of restaurants, shops and hotels!!!

There are those businesses that have Tesla Superchargers, Tesla Destination Chargers or other EV chargers, e.g. Sun Country Highway, installed on their property.

Sedona chargers

Thank you, Best Western Inn of Sedona, we really enjoyed our stay!

Some businesses just happen to be close to an EV- or Supercharger. And some, sorry to say, have ‘none of the above’.

Now, how could we get the message across – with few words and in a positive way – that businesses might want to consider installing EV chargers? This is our way:

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Victoria to Tofino BC

Yesterday, I finished my first long-range trip in my Tesla Model S – meaning my first long-range trip without my hubby Rolf carrying all the responsibility. Long-range in this case actually only meaning 320 km… It’s so much easier to let hubby take over – and blame him when something goes wrong or doesn’t work. So much more relaxing…Well, not this time… 😉

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Thinking about our upcoming Trip

Less than 10 days before we leave. After ordering snow chains and charge adapters for the car, I feel I have to start planning our trip in more detail. In winter, the weather is always on the front of your mind. With an electric car, certain weather conditions can have a big effect on your range. However, there can also be weather that makes the trip outright dangerous or impossible. Continue reading