5th Electric Week: Moose Jaw to Yorkton SK

This past week was one of the best so far! And it wasn’t the spectacular Saskatchewan ‘Land of Living Skies’ countryside. Or the fact that one of the main German newspapers, Die Welt, published our story. Or the fact that Tesla Motors published our customer story and liked and shared us on Twitter and Facebook. No, it was the best week so far solely because of the amazing people we met!

Peavey Mart Saskatoon Event

Family of electric cars at the Peavey Mart in Saskatoon, SK. Sorry, not all EVs made it into the photo.

We had been in touch with Peavey Mart and Sun Country Highway, since Peavey Marts provide the Sun Country Highway EV chargers we rely on (among others) to cross this vast country. So it made sense to organize Meet-ups in Moose Jaw and Saskatoon together, especially since Saskatoon is the Headquarters of Sun Country. Also, I had heard that Saskatoon is a very beautiful city, so I absolutely wanted to go, even though Rolf was complaining about the ‘wrong’ direction, North instead of East. He’s like that sometimes, like a German shepherd ‘with its teeth’ in the task at hand. But, happy wife, happy life, so there was no discussion ;-). Man, are we both happy we did the little detour!

The people that had such an impact on us this past week, and gave us such an emotional boost, were the president and founder of Sun Country Highway and a husband and wife team who volunteer for Sun Country Highway and also run their own solar installation business, Sound Solar in Regina. Rarely have we met more enthusiastic people. We did start to feel a little worn-out, but not any more, not after we met those guys! Thank you, Kent, James and Brooke, for being who you are and doing what you do! You will always be welcome at our place!

Ken with Bird Seeds

Kent in front of a whole aisle of Sun Country Farms bird seeds and related products at the Peavey Mart in Saskatoon, SK

The one thing that amazed me the most, is the fact that all this started with… bird seeds. What…?!! But I need to start a little earlier: Back in Red Deer, we were in touch with Jest from Peavey Mart. He had organized a media meet up at their Headquarters and also advertised our Red Deer Cruise Night attendance. I’d say we hit it off immediately. Easy, when you share enthusiasm about electric cars and sustainable energy! Just before we left, Jest gave us a bag of bird seeds. I thought “well, that’s nice, but what the heck am I supposed to do with bird seeds on this trip and why bird seeds to begin with???” I did not get it, and neither did Rolf. Once in Saskatoon, James and Brooke joined us for two more events and during one, James brought up… bird seeds. “What’s going on? Again? What’s with all that bird seed…?” went through my head. James clarified it for me: “That’s how Sun Country Highway started! With bird seeds!” Imagine that! The biggest cross Canada EV charger network started out with something as ‘unimaginable’ and ‘common’ as… bird seeds!

Kent with Bird Feeder

Kent with one of Sun Country Farms’ Bird Feeders made from recycled milk jugs.

This is what happened: When Kent started Sun Country Farms, it was his objective to do his part in creating a company that took to heart a responsibility for social, economic and environmental sustainability. So, what he created was a company that would not only produce high quality bird seeds locally in a sustainable way, thus boosting the economy and providing employment for people in Saskatchewan. From there, the next step was to get those bird seeds to stores all over Canada in a sustainable way. How better to do that than with an electric car fleet?! But that required electric car chargers, so the next step was to get Peavey Mart on board as they were selling the bird seeds.And other businesses and hotels. And… Tada! Out of Sun Country Farms was born: Sun Country Highway. And the best of it: Those chargers are now available to every electric car owner in this country. Free of charge!

Peavey Mart Yorkton Event 2

Busy at another event at Peavey Mart in Yorkton, SK

This is another great example how individuals make a difference. When you truly care, you find ways to do what you know is right. Kudos to you guys! We’ll stay in touch for sure! And we are looking forward to meeting more people like you!

10 thoughts on “5th Electric Week: Moose Jaw to Yorkton SK

  1. Now I understand the connection between Sun Country and Peavey Mart… I’ve wondered. But it was the bird seed that established the connection. Interesting!

    I hope there is eventually a way for Peavey Mart to recover the electricity costs. Fantastic that they host the chargers free of charge, but as more cars use them, the costs will become more significant. Perhaps not ‘huge’, since the cost of running them even 24/7 probably isn’t going to sink the company, but the principle of it remains… it’s not reasonable that we EV drivers should expect ‘free fuel’ wherever we go… and you can only use (and carry) so much bird seed bought while charging to support both companies!! 😉 So I’m extremely happy to see the chargers, but I admit to feeling a little guilty when I use them…

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    • Yes, I totally agree! We often say we would love to pay for our charge, especially if that help to get more fast (!) chargers installed.
      The Winnipeg Peavey Mart sold ice cream. That would be a nice alternative to bird seeds 😉
      I was also thinking that us EV drivers could ‘pay it forward’ by donating money towards ‘whatever’. Not sure what people would do if there was a donation box next to the chargers and am aware of the safety issue. The one thing I hope for is that potential future charging for charging 😉 would be via credit card just like at gas stations. Having to maintain numerous charger cards for all the different types of chargers is just not feasible and so backwards!!


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