Solar Panels + Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries =

a match made in heaven!


Okay, our sailboat isn’t electric, I admit that right upfront. BUT, it’s a sailboat, 85% of the time it’s propelled by wind power. Our diesel tanks usually last us 1 1/2 winter seasons of 5 months each. Yep, this particular season is very short, we got started late.

Now, at home, our solar panels can make a max of 10 kW, on our boat it’s 2 kW. That’s enough for us to never have to plug in AND still run a water heater, water maker, washing machine, two fridges, a freezer box, microwave, coffee machine, toaster, all lights and electronics, a Vitamix and a panini grill. Sometimes, we get out the electric waffle iron, too. 😉 Even though we like our creature comforts, we don’t have a generator on board. We never needed and certainly never missed the stink, the noise, the dirt, or the repairs!

Since we had already experienced the amazing power of solar panels on the boat, it was a no-brainer to install them on our house at home. The big difference was that Rolf did it himself on our boat – with the help of our dear friend Gonzalo – and thus we paid for material only. On the house, we had it done, and believe we were taken advantage of. Our total was almost four times the cost of the solar panels. Wouldn’t do that again and we are now helping everybody we know to also do it themselves, like our dear friend Bert.

It’s not rocket science, there is no reason for it to be so expensive or complicated. Our boat and our friend’s place are the best examples.

The other important component to solar energy is the battery. At home, we don’t have one (yet), we feed the grid with what we don’t use ourselves instead. On the boat, we have a Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery that can store 18kWh, that’s almost two Tesla Powerwalls. This is enough to take us through several days of cloudy weather.

Needless to say, our match made in heaven makes us the envy of all the boaters in the anchorage 😉


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Thank you from both of us!

6 thoughts on “Solar Panels + Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries =

  1. It is not only what you have done for yourselves, but the example that will inspire many to do the same! 🙂 Thanks Silke and Rolf
    Find your latest post on our VEVC website News and Events next Friday.
    Join free 🙂 Silke and Rolf are both VEVC executive board members.


    • And enjoying every minute of it! We miss being part of such a great group. Wishing you big success with the Royals Event – Fan Appreciation Night – in Victoria BC on March 19! A Must-Go for Hockey fans and electric car enthusiasts: Watch a Royals Hockey game and get a close look at a variety of electric cars indoors!


  2. Rolf, Silke, it was a pleasure talking to you at the Brandon, FL supercharger. I hope our paths will cross again someday.


    • It certainly was! We’ll be rushing back home mid-April, but we will travel back to Florida leisurely in October/ November – after our Cross Canada trip promoting sustainable energy and transportation. There will sure be time to get together again then. Looking forward to it, Klaus! We will want to hear some sailing stories from you! 😉 Until then, enjoy your beautiful car!


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