Ken & Anne, Hillsboro OR

Ken commented on our 11th Electric Week post on August 31:

“We loved reading your blog and seeing the videos. If I was able to post a picture here it would be of the EV we brought home today; a 2016 Kia Soul EV+, fueled from our 6.12 kWh solar array. It’s parked next to our Highlander Hybrid “road trip” car. We have long been inspired and your adventure sets our goals a little higher. Thank you for sharing it.”

Here’s his photo, which Ken later emailed to us. Thank you, Ken and Anne, for your kind words. Great to hear you’re running electric and solar! Happy and safe EV travelling to you both and tons of sunshine! 😉 Rolf & Silke


Please share your EV or solar story with us! Simply email with your story and photo. Thank you!

1 thought on “Ken & Anne, Hillsboro OR

  1. Thanks from Rolf too. Nice car. Inspiring to see so many people going EV and solar. Often I only find out from the blog what is happening on the social side, with us both being so busy on the road trip.


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